St. Edward

Catholic Preparatory Academy

Elgin, IL

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fees

Tuition and Registration Fees 2023-2024

The registration fee is: $325.00 per family.  

Tuition payments are due within the first 10 days of each month.

Payments can be made by Check, Money Order, Credit Card, or Cash.

Kindergarten- 8th Grade Tuition Rates

1 student – $4,370.00 per year

2 students – $7,250.00 per year

3 students – $9,400.00 per year

4 students-$11,500.00per year


Financial assistance will be available for qualifying families with students in grades K-8 through the FACTS program each spring for the following school year.

 Applications are posted on our website or available our school’s office. See the Financial Aid link for further information.

 Financial assistance will be allowed only if families have the FACTS program application submitted by the deadline.

Pre-K for ages 3 & 4 

Three and Four Year Old – $4,375

Preschool and 1 sibling Kdg.-8th – $7,500

Preschool and 2 siblings Kdg.-8th – $9,700


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs.Luque at (847)931-2804 and or email: 

It will be a pleasure to assist you.