St. Edward

Catholic Preparatory Academy

Elgin, IL


“St. Ed has such an amazing impact on students’ education. Teachers helped them find the love of God and their passion for learning. We are grateful for their dedication and commitment. St. Ed’s feels like home”.      Monce Vazquez_Parent

“It’s very clear that this school cares about their students and their community”.      Eriberto Venegas_Parent

“It is wonderful to see our children being so happy and so successful. We are excited to be back”!     Grandma Kolliker

“St. Edward Catholic Preparatory Academy is also our home. It is a place where we experience joy, hope and love. It is a place where our children learn, have fun, and are spiritually strengthened”.      Araceli Luque_Parent of SEP Alumni’

“I greatly appreciate St. Edward Catholic Preparatory Academy, because it offers my kids a chance to get educated and grow learning about their religion. Principal Dr. Kathy Miller is a great teacher and motivator to the students, so kids can succeed in their life. The teachers and administrative staff members have shown me great care and patience for my kids and other students…Thank you so much for your dedication to the students”.   Mr. Lopez